20,000$ REWARD 
         You are here because you believe in and love God, know God or want to know more about God. I have a surprise waiting for you at the end of this article.

         Before I go further, let me tell you my story and from whence comes my authority to speak about God.

         It all began in 2014, one fateful night. I was woken up from a deep sleep by a finger touch to my forehead three times on the same spot. I opened my eyes. My wife was asleep. The closest person was my then 11-year old son, who was in his room.

         I thought, not even the fastest man in the world could be out of sight in a blink. I took a walk to his room, and as I expected he was fast asleep. At that point, I knew I was not alone. I dropped to my knees, not knowing what to say or pray. I was really at a loss for words. For months after this, I couldn’t make anything of the visit. This was three years after my wife and I answered the call of God to start a Church.

         A year later, a baby was born to a family in our church, incidentally the third child in the family of all girls and named “Trinity”. While I was preparing the dedication sermon for the baby, the Holy Spirit drew my attention to the girl’s name “Trinity” and the visitation (the touch on my forehead three times). The puzzle was clear.

         What the Holy Spirit has revealed to me about the family of God is unprecedented and documented in my forthcoming book A CASE FOR TRINITY.

         In appreciation of the goodness and love of God, I am starting A TRUE GOD AWARENESS DEBATE with a price tag of 20,000$.

                                                            John 17:3

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